May 08 2021 | Book in Progress

Today marks a week since I started this challenge of writing at least 750 words a day and, let me be clear in this, I am very excited. In these 7 days I have strived to complete my task and focus on its development like never before. I’ve been watching my pace frequency as to that surgeon squinting in front of some monitoring screens in an Intensive Care Unit. Like, I’m the patient and the doctor at the same time.

I have found in this creative process, above all, lights, many lights. I even felt hopeful that, this time I could end it by publishing that book I wanted to write so much. These days I would get out of bed with a specific activity in mind to do. Just like when following a work routine. And, at the end of the day, I was satisfied and proud of myself. My self-esteem was gradually increasing.

But at the same time, predictably, I have realized that moving towards the next step will require from my part a greater deal of discipline. And, little by little, start to discern what direction this project would take. Because the number of experiences, with their respective emotional oscillations, are counted from my early childhood years. And it becomes too much. Arrange, amalgamate, simplifying, and building a chronological story would be an alternative. Writing about a specific trip, like the one that took me from Paris to Berlin in 2009 and tint it in a style where reality and fiction converge, is another option. At one point, I have to decide what to do as I can’t just keep describing several unlinked and timeless episodes ahead.

A third alternative is to write a fiction novel, it would be a dramatic fiction, with deeply autobiographical elements. It is a technique that draws my attention a lot and that I would like to develop one day, because I have the impression that this style is liberalizing and relieves the weight that comes with a biographical chronicle that, in my particular case, at least in this present time, is simply very dense.

I have also noticed these days that, by describing a story based solely on my memories I did make a mistake. When checked in Google Maps Street View, I did not have much time to correct. Much of the original piece had to be modified. I am referring specifically to the situation that happened in a hamlet of Castilla La Mancha, Spain, during my journey from Madrid to the Sanctuary of Lourdes, in the French Pyrenees. My description of a shed in a state of abandonment was not such. I’ve taken a look at Street View’s photo captures on Google Maps and that’s it, the shed appears in good condition, with solid metal and reinforced concrete structures. In my description, the barn was useful no more.

I once read on the Internet part of a travel book of someone I have met in Santiago de Compostela, in Spanish Galicia. I remember we chat in the cafeteria of that place run by the vicentine nuns, during a crowded lunch of people in vulnerable condition, like me. This person mentioned that he was writing a book and that he was at the end of the Camino de Santiago to gather testimonies of travelers. In his book he refers to me, but with no quite right data. Maybe the act of writing allows making mistakes here and there as part of the profession.

The 750 words app has helped me to take out, flourishing, what I have been accumulating for a long time. It is absolutely recommendable . I am not sure to continue using this tool in the future. Perhaps it would no longer be necessary, since I would have already become the captain of my sailboat crossing the infinite and immeasurable seas. I might become that man who existed in real life, walking the endless uphill, pushing a bicycle, perhaps the only one in the world, with such a feature of more than 4 meters long and 90 kilos in weight as a whole. Once I have parked La Ponderosa, which is what my bike is called, on a scale that is used to weigh the grape shipments in a wine coop, in central France. The net weight recorded was 89.70 kilos. The magnitude and length of my bike, deliberately prepared to attract attention, was a source of constant criticism in the global community of bike travelers. It’s one of the topics I’ll address in some future episode, for sure.

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