Where’s the two trailer man ?


Lately I’ve been able to carry on only a single trailer, not two as previously did. I miss carry on two trailers as I used to do it every day, but the difficulties presented with pedestrians on the sidewalks and the strict security measures established by Spanish authorities  in relation to the terrorist threat, almost forced me to leave the second trailer at home.

Another reason is to avoid the possibility that people become nervous on the terraces at the sudden presence of someone walking around and in between with a bicycle pulling not one but two trailers. Indeed, what I do is to walk from one terrace to another, and then I bend down to activate the two stand sticks that’s work to park my bike. It is an action that is followed with special scrutiny by others.

So there you are, Alexandre from France I think; took this photo and posted on Twitter a few days ago in Central Madrid. This is how I am exposed every day; my routine, my daily activity.  An activity that I’ve been doing for many years now.

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