Ah, the Freedom

Today I received a note from Rachel Goldfarb, who is the main protagonist in the Idle Project, which basically it comes to traveling, enjoy life and do nothing. But for me, as for them and many other people out there in the open world, doing nothing is doing something. Is to meditate, is to create a lifestyle, it is to meet people and know yourself. It is contemplating nature and respect it. That’s the way it is. Rachel thanks for your note. You guys really inspires.

Rachel Idle

How one couple manages to afford to road trip for 3 Years    http://goo.gl/PhUPl9


So, I send them this note last Feb. >

FEB 16TH, 12:19AM

Admiration and respect,

you guys are awesome.

We share the passion for travel, yes.

Omarglobal travel . adventures . life

Each of us in our own style.

The purpose are the same.


Cheers from Madrid.


Today I got this >


Hi Omar!

Thanks so much for your note.

You are so right, that all of us who strive for joy and happiness are on a similar journey, all reaching the same beautiful places in our own individual ways.

It isn’t about travel, it’s about creating a better world through positive energy and following our passions. We are all in this together!

What a beautiful thought!

We just liked your page and will be following along your journey. Keep on living life to its fullest; what you are doing is so so rad! Be joyful, live free!

Hope to cross paths someday.

Much Love,

– Rachel

Rachel is a fulltime thinker and part time writer/cartoonist. For the last two years she has lived and traveled in a ’76 VW Bus named Sunshine. She enjoys listening to birdcalls, sleeping on the ground, and reading up on leisure theory. You can follow the journey at www.idletheorybus.com and on Instagram.



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