Bike path that crosses the province of Quebec, during my expedition from Montreal to Valleé-Jonction, in Beauce. September 2018.

Let's see, who is our protagonist.

Freelance journalist and highly sociable adventurer, Omar Ruiz-Diaz, travels the World by bicycle and on foot. His trip apparently without end has begun in 1991 but long before that, taking advantage of his political exile in Argentina, he made expeditions through Brazil, Argentine and French Guiana. He currently travels with a Canadian passport that he obtained two decades ago, in Montreal.

Omar Ruiz-Diaz has traveled more than 150,000 km by bicycle and on foot and everywhere he goes no one is indifferent. Mainly because his bike, equipped with two articulated trailers, measures more than 4 meters in length and carries tens and tens of kilos of luggage ...

Now apparently he changes strategy in his new expedition to Japan, his first country in Asia, using a less geared fat bike pulling a squared, old-fashioned type of trailer.

We'll see how he does in distant lands. Good luck, Omar.

What motivates me to continue traveling? Well, simply the desire to enjoy my life doing what I want.

And the way I like it.

Thank You for getting in touch with me.